Kelowna diesel repairs and maintenanceKelowna Diesel Repairs for cars and trucks

Do you still drive a diesel car? You should take good care of your ride. Today, less than 20% of cars in the US and Canada run on diesel. This is predicted to get even lower in the turn of 2020.

If there is one thing you would agree on, diesel cars are beasts of some sort if kept in great shape. But since you are not a mechanic, you can hardly tell when something is wrong with your car. That does not mean you should go for a short mechanic course. To cut out the work for you, here are 5 common signs that your Kelowna diesel repairs car should have a servicing date:

  • Regular knocking

If your diesel engine is becoming of age, occasional knocking should be a common happening. But if it is relatively new and keeps knocking, it is a sign of trouble. The best explanation is that the injectors are faulty and your fuel is contaminated. Take it for a check before this kills your engine.

  • Hard and delayed starts

Poor fuel delivery and low compressions are main culprits for difficult and delayed starting. Well, it is okay for your car to crank for about 3 to 5 seconds but not more. If you always have to sweat in a chilly morning before your diesel car starts, you should schedule a checkup and car servicing.

  • Rough runs

A smooth ride is a satisfying feeling every time you are driving. But cars with old diesel engines may not give you this luxury. But it does not mean you should keep beating the car’s ceiling in the name of an old engine. If the ride gets rough, it is time you take your car for servicing.

  • Smelly exhaust smoke

There are three smoke colors that should give you jitters if they keep showing up from your car’s exhaust: blue, black and white. It is a sign of a faulty sub-system or the entire engine, blocked air filters or a faulty fuel injector. If you cannot go for a full engine service, you should at least have the problem checked.

  • Poor performance

If you have driven a diesel engine car, you know it is a top performer. And this could only mean one thing; if it is not performing, something is seriously wrong. Either the wheels are not delivering their maximum power or something is amiss with the engine. Have this looked into by the experts.

How often should you service your diesel car?

Well, there is no a cut dry rule to diesel car servicing. Every car is unique with its strengths and weaknesses. However, that does not leave it your decision of when you should be taking your car for service. It is recommended for every 5,000km or after every 6 months you take your diesel car for servicing. Of course, you can decide to take it earlier or a bit late but it has to be around this figure.

For those who clock 5,000km or less in a year, you are lucky because it means one trip to a servicing center. If you clock a couple of 5,000km then you have to be a frequent visitor for car servicing.

Bottom line

You diesel car is a selfless servant. The only thing it would require from you is regular servicing. That is all and you have a reliable way to commute to work and back, run your errands with little or no surprises.